Maria B’s cook tests negative for Corona Virus

Maria B’s cook tests negative for Corona Virus

Fashion designer Maria B’s cook, who was admitted to the District Headquarters Hospital in Vehari last week after he tested positive for coronavirus while still in Lahore, tested negative for the pandemic in the second attempt, reports emerged on Monday.

Hospital’s Medical Superintendent (MS) Dr Faazil confirmed that the 30-year-old domestic help for the designer, Hafiz Umar Farooq, had been admitted to the Vehari DHQ Hospital on Mar 22 after his coronavirus test from a private lab in Lahore had come out positive.

Reportedly, following the announcement of the result, the designer’s husband, Tahir Saeed, instead of getting his treated, sent Farooq off to his village. However, when Farooq returned to his hometown in Vehari the same day, law enforcement agencies shifted him to the isolation ward of the Vehari DHQ hospital.

“His blood samples had been sent to the Institute of Public Health lab in Lahore for another test,” Dr Faazil said, claiming: “Which then came out negative on March 26.”

According to Dr Faazil, the patient did not show any symptoms of the disease, adding that he would be discharged from the hospital after a report of his last test was received from Lahore in the next 24 hours.

The issue erupted last week when multiple reports, circulating on social media, claimed the family sent off Farooq to his village after he tested positive for the virus.

“The couple sent the domestic staffer to his village in Vihari via public transport and did not inform the doctors or alert the authorities,” the reports had claimed, adding that the cook changed two buses to reach his village, thus endangering many others who may now become indirect transmitters of the virus.

Following the incident, police had arrested Maria B’s husband, Tahir Saeed, for “acting irresponsibly” and “endangering the lives of many citizens” as well as his servant.

Following the incident, the police, in a statement, said: “Saeed after knowing that his chef was corona positive sent his employee to his village through local transport, which is a big crime. Hiding a corona patient is no small deal in times of global crises and we will ensure that all such acts are also duly followed up.”


Source : pakistantoday.com.pk/2020/03/30/maria-bs-cook-tests-negative-for-coronavirus/


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